Free-ARIA Community Launched

The Free-ARIA mailing list is for developers and testers contributing to the development of free WAI-ARIA tools and resources. The purpose of WAI-ARIA is to provide a means to address Web 2.0 and AJAX accessibility.

Some of the free stuff already being worked on:

  • JavaScript toolkits
  • Testing tools for authors
  • Testcases
  • Training materials
  • Browsers
  • Assistive technologies such as screen readers

This is a very important effort. There are 5 browser vendors working on WAI-ARIA now, and a lot of JavaScript toolkits are adding support. We’re still very early in the game, but currently WAI-ARIA does not provide the stable implementations and resources that authors will need.

Feel free to join if you want to be part of the larger WAI-ARIA community effort.

There is also an IRC channel for WAI-ARIA questions — #wai-aria.


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